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Month: April, 2009

random thought #1

5 April, 2009 (09:14) | Random Thoughts | By: ryan

i thoroughly enjoy putting on jeans fresh-out-of-the-dryer… until i burn myself on the button. then i get sad. :-( (as an aside, i completely expect to give up numbering these at some point… :P)

return of the evil overlord thought

5 April, 2009 (08:37) | Blog-Related | By: ryan

in the true spirit of not being a lazy SOB last night, i’ve re-added the evil overlord thought to this webpage. best i can tell from the wayback machine site for my domain, this “feature” has been missing since… probably 2005. (honestly, it’s probably not quite that long… but my site fell off the face […]

check this out!

4 April, 2009 (23:01) | Blog-Related | By: ryan

I can add stuff to here from my phone! Sweet!