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Tag: wordpress

check this out!

4 April, 2009 (23:01) | Blog-Related | By: ryan

I can add stuff to here from my phone! Sweet!

more upgrades.

25 November, 2008 (23:03) | Blog-Related | By: ryan

well, i upgraded to 2.6.5, or some version around there. i plugged it into this nifty SVN-update thing… that will really reduce the amount of time i need to spend before writing these useless updates. hurrah! also, my facebook photos should auto-import every day at midnight. how cool is that? i’m still awesome… i still […]


7 September, 2008 (23:32) | Blog-Related | By: ryan

well, i went ahead and upgraded to wordpress 2.6.1. i even put in a swanky caching plugin for the completely massive amounts of hits i get on this thing! i’m awesome… i know